Custom Scientific Equipment

Grant designs and manufactures bespoke (custom designed) scientific, industrial and medical equipment based around our core competencies of:

  • thermal control - heating and cooling
  • data acquisition, analysis and communication equipment
  • instrument design and development
  • professional procurement and manufacturing
  • standards testing.

The markets we have designed these customer specific products for include life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturing and diagnostics.

These customer specific products can range from a complete white-paper design to customising an existing Grant laboratory product for a specific application.

Our test laboratory includes a range of EMC and standards testing and calibration equipment traceable to the National Physical Laboratory. We can ensure that our product designs meet CE, UL, CSA or MD standards. Our professional procurement team provides planning, economy of scale and timely delivery of key components. We operate an ISO certified project delivery process which ensures successful and efficient transition from concept through to design and onto successful testing and delivery.

Some of these systems include OEM refrigeration systems for wafer fabrication and electron optics manufacture, potentiometer detection across a microtitre plate, a programmed cryopreservation system, and hardware for diagnostics on a microtitre plate.

Many of our customised products have developed into full production products and now are sold worldwide. Some of these include: the temperature gradient plate for seed germination efficiency testing, the inspissator for use in the preparation of TB culture medium, high precision re-circulating chillers, the gerber baths for butyrometer milk testing and the transportable incubator.

See the Applications and the Case Studies pages for more information about these and other successful projects.

Case Study

Aircraft head-up display manufacture

THALES Optics, specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electro-optical systems, sub-systems, modules and components to meet the needs of defence, aerospace, civil, industrial and space markets around the world.

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Case Study

Automotive industry

To develop a test bed to study the hysteresis in engine thermostats and to produce a batch production quality control system to check that the thermostats manufactured always open and close at the required temperature.

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