CRF-1 Controlled Rate Freezer

CRF-1 Controlled Rate Freezer Optional Accessories & Services 

CAL CRF-1 Calibration certificate
CRF-1 MAINT 1 1 year maintenance agreement includes clean and test report (excludes repair & replacement of faulty parts)
IQOQ CRF-1 IQOQ Booklet for CRF-1
PQ CRF-1 PQ Booklet for CRF-1
CRF-1 CRYOPEN Cryopen nucleating tool
CRF-1 CARTRIDGE     Replacement cartridge for Cryopen
CRF-1 UPS Un-interruptible Power Supply for the CRF-1 for a 3 hour cycle in the event of an electrical power failure. 220-240v operation.