23 May 2016

Mark and Ed celebrate 25 and 35 years at Grant Instruments

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This year, Grant Instruments would like to recognize two employees who have each been with the company 25 and 35 years respectively.

Mark Fisher is celebrating 25 years with the company. He began working at our Cambridgeshire offices in 1991 as a technician specialist and has been supporting customers across the globe with their technical issues and queries ever since.

Ed Pascoe, Senior Development Engineer at Grant Instruments has now been here for 35 years. Ed started working at our Cambridgeshire offices in 1991 as an engineer in electronics. He has been promoted to a Senior Development Engineer which involve more time on his computer, as he explained to us but now provides technical and application support across a range of Grant products.

Congratulations Mark and Ed on 25 years at Grant! Without the support of individuals like Mark and Ed, Grant would not be the company it is today. Therefore a huge thank you to both of you and here’s to many more years at Grant.


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