14 July 2017

Grant Instruments celebrates 65 years in business

Grant Instruments celebrates 65 years in business


This July Grant Instruments is proud to be celebrating its 65th anniversary in the manufacture and supply of scientific equipment to a constantly expanding and diverse range of users within a variety of industry segments.

Founded in 1952 by Peter Ward and Cecil Chapman, Grant began business designing temperature controlled water baths in a small factory in Grantchester, Cambridge. 65 years later Grant’s renowned water baths have been joined by a range of life science, data acquisition and catering products that can be found in organisations across the globe.

Expanding both organically and through partnership and acquisition, Grant now co-own BioSan and Eltek Ltd. The company employs over 80 professionals across four regional offices in the UK, Singapore, India and USA, with the head office in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire.

The philosophy at Grant has remained the same since the beginning, centering on design excellence and high quality build to provide key customer benefits such as ease of use, accuracy and long term value for money and working life. Add first class service, support and industry leading warranties and it is clear to see that the customer is at the centre of everything at Grant Instruments.

Linda Harvey, Managing Director commented:

‘We, the team at Grant Instruments are proud to be celebrating our 65th Anniversary. We have a strong reputation throughout our industry for reliability and good customer service. We are all delighted to say “Made in the UK” for our products, whilst enjoying a strong and rewarding partnership with BioSan, our associate Latvian company, and trading from four locations across the world. Throughout our history, we have been a proud exporter of technology to the global market.

Having faced turbulent times during our 65 year history, the Grant Instruments team is ready and excited to meet the challenges and opportunities that globalisation, technology and economic uncertainty will generate in the next 65 years.‘

Here’s to another 65 years of successful business! 

 65 years celebration

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd (www.grantinstruments.com) is a world renowned supplier and manufacturer of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products. The company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing scientific products for over 60 years and has established a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable and robust systems designed to satisfy the most demanding applications for research in life sciences, chemical and the general laboratory.

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