09 March 2011

Grant launches OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Meter

Grant launches OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Meter

Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity meter is a compact, rugged unit, suitable for all concrete applications requiring accuracy and precision in determining concrete maturity

CAMBRIDGE, England, 9 March 2011 - Grant Instruments (www.grantinstruments.com), a worldwide developer and supplier of data acquisition, scientific and life sciences products, has introduced the Concrete Maturity Meter OQ610-S, a unit designed specifically for measuring concrete maturity in very large concrete pours and constructions.

The Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Meter is a compact unit, supplied in a very heavy duty, bright yellow water proof case, making it ideal for site work in all conditions and climates.

The OQ610-S has 6 temperature channels and digitally displays the value of all channels. It can be connected directly to a PC or laptop via a USB interface for fast downloading of the readings. Using the supplied Microsoft Excel templates, the Concrete Maturity is calculated from elapsed time versus temperature and is quoted as a "Maturity number". The Maturity number can be used to determine when concrete has cured sufficiently for formwork to be removed.

In order to determine concrete maturity, sacrificial temperature measurement cables are 'cast into' the concrete and cut off at the surface when the concrete has cured. Grant supplies the temperature measurement cable in 100m rolls with separate plugs so that these individual sensors can be custom made to suit any particular job.

The maturity meter is simple to use, finishing the job in the shortest possible time. This gives the confidence that the concrete is at its optimum strength, benefitting from the subsequent efficiency, improvements and cost savings that this procedure brings.

The Grant data acquisition product range extends from high specification, portable data logging systems (Squirrel family 8, 16 & 32 channel data loggers ) through to fully integrated custom-configurable acquisition and control systems (dataTaker family), while Eltek, the Cambridge-based Grant affiliate, produces Squirrel variants primarily for remote logging. All products come with a 3 year warranty. OEM versions of most products are available on request.

For more information telephone +44 (0) 1763 260811 or email acquisitionsales@grant.co.uk.


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