24 December 2014

20,000 hours and counting

 Optima Range

Grant Instruments (UK) released details of a testing record set in its environmental life testing lab facility in Cambridge (UK) for continuous operation under extreme conditions. The product involved was one of its popular range of Optima™ circulating water baths, pictured above.

The baths have clocked up a staggering 20,000 hours of continuous operation at maximum temperature. That equates to nearly 14 years of use in a normal customer environment.

Kevin Hardy, lead engineer on the testing facility said “We set them up, switch them on and let them get on with it. We don’t service them and we don’t even clean them so it a really significant level of abuse. We're looking to find any areas of weakness which we can improve on for that product and the next generation we design”.

Emma Hewson , Product Manager added “Grants business reputation has been built on reliability and durability so the accelerated life testing work with products such as the new Optima™ range is a key part of our product development approach.  A couple of years ago we updated our way of working to incorporate a much  stronger emphasis on watching how our products perform in early life stage of market launch. As well as testing and endurance, we proactively go out and see how the products are performing with our customers not just in terms of reliability but also in meeting their needs efficiently and effectively”.

The Optima™ range of heated and refrigerated circulating baths are used in research, educational, industrial and clinical labs for a wide variety of applications requiring accurate temperature control. 

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd (www.grantinstruments.com) is a world renowned supplier and manufacturer of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products. The company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing scientific products for 60 years and has established a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable and robust systems designed to satisfy the most demanding applications for research in life sciences, chemical and the general laboratory.


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